Love My nieghbors foot

Love Thy Neighbors Feet   
Jason reached for and was granted her foot. He untied her sneaker slowly and grabbed the heel and tugged gently. With a popping sound her foot emerged. The room soon filled with the cheesy scent of her sweaty foot. His nostrils flared which Trudy noticed. She decided to toy with her new footboy. “Do they smell too strongly for you Jason?” she mused. “If so you can stop now. Perhaps I’ve asked too much of you already. Besides I haven’t even showered or anything yet and I’ve been in those shoes all day without my socks. They must reek, I’m sorry. Let’s just forget the whole thing.” This caused a pained expression to cross his face. How could he ever get her to allow him to continue at such a lovely pair of feet? He thought then it came to him as he said, “No Miss Trudy. You have a rather distinct and appealing aroma to your foot Miss. In fact I rather find it quite pleasing if you don’t mind me saying so.” She smiled and said to herself “gotcha!”

Foot Fetish Videos

I wondered why so many people have a foot fetish, do anybody know, so what i decided to do was to create a foot fetish site, and see how many people come, but the exciting thing it’s just not a foot fetish site, it also shows booty and legs and a little breast just to keep the visitors balance so far i’ve been average close to 600 to 800 hits a day, so while, do anybody knows why there so a big foot fetish epedimic on the internet now, oh yea the site is